About This Blog

Hi there!

Welcome to Forty Two World!

I am originally from the UK with a love of normal stuff like tea, marmite, crisps, travel, 80s music, country music, classic literature…and since moving to New Zealand in 2014, a deeper love of wildlife and the importance of conservation too!

I like to write in here about all of my experiences and thoughts on what it means to live on the far side of the world and on travel and other stuff in general…I hope you find the content of my blog interesting…if you like it then do please follow it or share it.

If you wish to use any pictures from my blog, please ask me first and I’ll be fine with it…unless stated otherwise, they are mine and mine alone.


9 comments on “About This Blog

    • With the globalisation of so many things these days you almost take it for granted that you can buy the same ingenious wherever you are…but thank goodness you can’t…it is variety that makes things interesting…including orchids.

    • Hi Wendy. Thanks for the welcome. It has been three years now of “settling in” and I have written plenty so I hope you enjoy. 🙂 Great to have you along.

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