6 comments on “World Bucket List

  1. Very good Graham, thought provoking. How about adding looking after each other? We often hear that the world is a village but we don’t treat each other like neighbours.

    • Good one. Very true. I know I rarely speak to some of mine…mind you…when I do some of them often seem to be rather ignorant. I swear they’d see me drown rather than wade in to assist… πŸ€”

  2. It’s a sad old world when we can’t be kind to each other, that’s for sure. It’s becoming dog eat dog out there, every man for themselves. Life shouldn’t be a competition, we shouldn’t walk over others to get what we want. At the top of my bucket list is a kinder, gentler world.

  3. Thank You for this post. I never made lists, because I know what I want. Your photo is stunning. Somehow, it remind me from our national park called Koli. From the hilltop of its there is huge lake down with many parallel lakes.

    Koli national park

    Have a great day!

    • What a lovely place Koli is. Beautiful views! Amazing to see so many islands and a vast view of water. Thanks for commenting. The photo I chose was taken in Yosemite in California…a stunning view among so many if we seek to look eh? πŸ™‚

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