4 comments on “The Ultimate Con Trick?

    • Thanks for your comment. It is hard to see how it will end unless there are just no materials eh? I read recently that increased production of electric cars is placing demand on the same metals as mobile phones and I thought that we are being told these cars are the future when really they probably aren’t.

      I was out collecting litter on a beach on Rotoroa Island the other day and I was chatting with a guy who was looking at what I was collecting and he said that we need to use less plastic bags…I agreed with him but said we really need to use no plastic bags to stop the problem at source. It would be great to know the alternative to this and many other things…not sure what it is at times as things seem so embedded.

      • Did you know Graham, some of the little windows in sandwich cartons are made of corn starch which is compostable.

        We should all use a milkman who delivers milk in bottles that are used hundreds of times unlike plastic bottles from the supermarket.

        Should we use paper bags or is that also a waste?

        • Interesting. Didn’t know about the corn starch. Good one.

          Very good point about milk bottles too…an example of society perhaps moving backwards. I can’t recall ever seeing a milkman in NZ. As for bags…I’m not sure about paper because there is still plenty of energy used to make one for a single use…but at least they degrade simply. Maybe something like coir is better? What do you think?

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