8 comments on “Get in the Water

    • It was shallow in places but also surprisingly deep in others. I think someone said the holes in the reef could be 5-10m deep. I found it much easier wearing fins than I expected to. It’s a shame I don’t have a camera to photograph the fish as they were amazing to see, and came quite close to you, probably wondering what such an ungraceful specimen was doing in their home! πŸ˜„

    • Hi Eric, thanks for your comment and for dropping by! πŸ™‚ There’s so much beauty around us isn’t there? Sometimes all we need do is pause.

    • In high season I imagine you’re right! πŸ˜„ There is only one resort on the island and some other smaller places. One of the quainter things I saw was the doubling up of jobs, the guy driving the luggage truck at the airport was the same guy who did a coconut crab show at the hotel! A function of a small population, I guess. πŸ™‚

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