15 comments on “Obsessed with Food?

    • It’s an ice cream, from Giapo in Auckland. I think that was a lamington one from memory. It is a fab shop, very artistic…I was there the other day and had a mandarin and red capsicum sorbet which was delicious.

  1. True. It’s a strange idea, particularly considering we can neither smell nor taste the finished products. Have you heard of Mukbang? You can watch people gorging themselves on food, live via a web stream (among other things). It’s insane!

  2. That mini-cake looks amazing! I agree on the cooking shows part. We’ve become a generation of voyeurs. Without descending into smut-land, most of my single friends would be quite content sitting in on a Friday night watching others online making the beast with two backs, than going out there and finding a potential mate for themselves. I think there’s a point in here somewhere, related to cooking, but I’ve digressed! 🙂

    • Hi Aidan. The mini cake you mention is actually an ice cream…and a very nice one. I love your anecdote about your friends! We are a strange species aren’t we? 😊

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