8 comments on “Green Houses NOT Greenhouses!

  1. Very strong feelings on this subject Graham. Does your current house fall into this bracket?

    • It sure does. I never fully appreciated how warm British houses are until I lived in an NZ one. In Auckland we rarely get a frost and yet it can be warmer outside than inside at this time of year. It is utterly ridiculous how poor the building standards are.

  2. I quite agree Graham. In the past we seem to have just accepted the way it was but perhaps there is the beginnings of a movement towards healthier living. Building standards do need to improve as perhaps do builder/ designer standards. The leaky homes debacle is a good example of poor standards and little common sense. Cost is certainly an issue for a lot of people and perhaps we are so wrapped up in owning our own homes that we accept substandard housing just so we can say it’s ours.

    • Really interesting to get your perspective there, thank you. I hadn’t thought too much about the cost side. There is so much we could all do I guess to live more environmentally friendly…🙂

  3. Only just read this post Graham. I’m a NZ-er but couldn’t agree more. We’ve lived in lots of different houses now and what they all have in common is that they’re useless! It is indeed pathetic!

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