10 comments on “Monarch Butterfly Hatching

  1. Stunning macro shots, Graham: perfect timing and perfect technique 🙂 Any tips on how to photograph butterflies? They’re so jittery, I never seem to be fast enough to get them in focus. -Verne

    • Thank you! I was lucky with this one as it had just hatched so it wasn’t rushing to get out of the way so maybe that is the tip really…otherwise, I am like you, frustrated at how hard it is!

    • I was just thinking, Mike, that the easiest way to try to see them hatch is to buy some milkweed for the garden…hopefully they will lay their eggs on it and you can watch the caterpillars 🐛 devour it…you then need to watch to see where they go to become a chrysalis and be vigilant I suppose. But at the end of the day it is right place, right time. 🙂

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