7 comments on “Disposable Digital

  1. I rent an apartment, and recently realised that this reflects a lot of my digital life. I use Spotify, Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services, and don’t actually own any of the things I watch or listen to. I’m still not sure exactly how I feel about this but I guess such is life. I do have Blu Rays and DVDs for my most favourite things, however. My closest video shop closed about 3 years ago. I do also borrow things from my local library, which is incredibly resourceful. They have so much physical media as well as digital media on offer.

    I remember that once upon a time I found it difficult to pay as much for a digital book as a physical book. Today I’m happy not to buy as much physical media as I don’t have the space to store it all.

    Have you tried lending a kindle book to somebody? I’ve noticed that on the kindle store some of my purchases can be loaned, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it.

    • Hi Mario. I totally agree with your feelings there and saving space these days is pretty important especially as homes are being created smaller.

      I have recently cleared out quite a number of films I’ve had for a long time. I realised that I didn’t gain much pleasure in watching some of them any more and that they were just taking up space, I find it much harder to give away CDs though…music doesn’t really lose its appeal.

      I have never tried sharing books via the Kindle but I think I looked into it once. From memory, I seem to think you are allowed to share it for two weeks with someone but not sure of the mechanics to do it (or how often you can share the same book). Seems a great idea though. I love the local library but have never rented media from it so I might look into that! Thanks!

    • Hi Mario and Graham,

      I agree with both of you here. Even some familiar computer software can no longer be bought and owned in the form of a CDROM, and has to be downloaded from a website or server, often on a subscription model.

      • Excellent, you might be right…I hear that the general IQ of people is starting to reduce…might be because of all of these devices and things.

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