20 comments on “Who Are Your True Friends?

  1. I certainly have at least one of the “latter” type relationships with people I went to school with – I don’t see her for ages (sometimes over a year) but when I do it’s like we saw each other only last week. Perhaps neither of us have changed that much but more likely (I think), we have both changed in a similar ways over the years.

  2. I think when I see you in the summer Graham, it will only be like old times if you’re wearing your flip flops and tight short shorts.

  3. Hi Graham! Socially, interpersonally, philosophically, spiritually and intellectually or otherwise, true friends are often far and few between.

    It seems that your newest posts so far have their titles in the interrogative form, and that perhaps you are in the phase of asking many questions.

    I just finished looking at the titles of all the posts that I have published on my main website, and the only one that ends in a question mark is:

    Do Plants and Insects Coevolve?

    Like yours, this post of mine also happens to be the latest post!

    Some coincidences these are!

    • I suppose I am questioning a lot lately. Answers are perhaps harder to get to. I enjoyed your ‘coevolve’ post, there so many examples in nature of these symbiotic (I think that is the word) relationships that you can easily see how much by design it all is. We have a swan plant in the garden which, as I understand it, is the only plant monarch butterfly caterpillars eat, perhaps another example…although I am not sure what benefit the plant gets from this.

      • Perhaps your third question will be a charm after the previous two!

        It would be very pertinent and highly appreciated if you could transfer (and even expand) your comment here regarding my ‘coevolve’ post to the comment section of the post there.

      • In other words, some of my readers will be able to benefit from your comment(s) or feedback given much closer to the source, at the comment section of the post https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2016/08/17/do-plants-and-insects-coevolve/, including your previous comment as follows:

        I enjoyed your ‘coevolve’ post, there so many examples in nature of these symbiotic (I think that is the word) relationships that you can easily see how much by design it all is. We have a swan plant in the garden which, as I understand it, is the only plant monarch butterfly caterpillars eat, perhaps another example…although I am not sure what benefit the plant gets from this.

        Thank you in anticipation.

  4. I can relate to this. A year spent in Colombia had me pining to return to friends nearing the end. When I got back though, people didn’t really have the time for me! Social media also makes it too easy adding padding to friendships. I’ve deleted all my handles as a result. My real friends will find me through new channels (my site) or old channels (call and text!). Nice post.

    • Thanks, mate. I guess we all have our own lives to lead but we all like to feel that we matter to others too, even though in our case, we opted to step away from that daily cycle.

      I recently deleted about half of all Facebook friendships I had because I just thought that in many cases, I would be happy if I only accidentally bumped into someone and didn’t need to see their opinions on funny pictures of cats, or politics, or religion etc etc. I may yet shut that account altogether.

    • I was just thinking as well that in many ways I have more rewarding engagements on WordPress with people I have never met (comparative strangers), which I suppose boils down to similar life experiences and shared interests. It is a genuine joy, and a real shame when some bloggers don’t invite comments on their posts because that engagement is denied.

  5. Graham, I found your site via my friend across the pond (I’m in U.S), Stephen Ledell…for we have been blogging and writing to one another for quite some time. I find what you are saying about “friendship” refreshing for a young man as yourself. My husband and I recently did away with our FB completely. As he said, “I am so tired of looking at what someone is eating for the day. Isn’t there something better if one is to write anything at all?” Yes, everyone to his or her own likes, but sharing with those we care about, including family, needs to be in a better mode….face to face, voice over a phone, etc. Even a text or email has at times its drawbacks…but I think we are stuck with it in the modern world. Don’t want to get too out there or too personal, but if your Mom or Dad are living, don’t forget to let them know that you love them on a regular basis through a call where they can hear your voice. Life definitely is short. Best to you…keep thinking …keep blogging. Make some new friends…for they may be calling you in your old age…who knows?

    • Hi there. Thanks for your comment. Always great to hear from someone new. I must say that I love FaceTime or Skype in terms of keeping in touch with family because it is almost like being in the same room. I am close to removing my FB account as well, I realise that after I went through a recent cleansing of the friends list on their that ones I have left actually don’t post much at all…surprise surprise. 🙂

      Thanks for calling me young, by the way…a bit shy of middle age now…must be the fair British skin.

  6. Hi Graham, Interesting post and comments. I’ve been here for six years now and find links to the UK have faded fast. I haven’t been back, so maybe that’s accelerated it, and none of my old friends have the money to come all this way. It’s only in the last couple of years I feel I’ve started to settle properly, with good friendships over here. I seem to know a lot of people as it’s a small place, but everyone is so busy trying to make enough money to live up here in the Far North, there’s not much time left over for fun! I hope you soon find the balance, and enjoy your time back in the UK. Don’t be too surprised if nobody asks you about life in New Zealand. My dad went back for a couple of weeks and nobody asked him anything at all. I’ve heard that’s quite common. Weird though!
    All the best, Jo

    • Hi Jo. Great to hear from you. Hope you are well. I suppose life is all about experiences and perhaps we all like to think that if we do new things then others might be interested, but ultimately you just have to not take it personally if they aren’t and get on with it.

      That said, doing this blog and making connections with people like yourself on WordPress helps to make up for this in other ways as it is great to “meet” people with shared interests and great insights.

      • So true. It does make a difference. And as my family come from Yorkshire – God’s own country – nobody could quite understand why anybody would wish to live anywhere else! I can appreciate that as there’s lots of things I miss. But also lots I don’t 🙂 Keep going with your blog. It’s a really interesting one. When I dip in, I always learn something.

        • Do you think that part of the human condition is to tell ourselves how wonderful somewhere is where we are when at times it really isn’t? I used to work in Leeds, which is a real case in point I feel. 🙂

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