11 comments on “What’s Your Poison?

  1. A Book and Beer Review blog. Although not at the same time…..or perhaps….
    After a year of sobriety in Colombia, I’ve succumbed to the lifestyle of my brethren in Dublin and will consume anything with alcohol in it now. Standards need not apply.

    • Oh, I feel I should lament such a sad, and yet tinged with joy, day.

      Bearing in mind I don’t know you personally, I am still not overly surprised you have succumbed because it is hard not to…especially when there is only so much pop you can drink before it becomes horrible. They serve lemon, lime and bitters a lot here which is a bit more grown up and less sweet…quite nice for a change…but not beer.

      Was it the Irish stereotype of Guinness that lured you back?

      • Not a Guinness fan tbh. It was being back among friends that teased me open to ‘moderation won’t hurt’. Something I’ve been kidding myself I can stick to for a decade!

        • Fair play to you. It is not easy but as I think we’ve talked about before, the main thing is that people respect who you are and vice versa. At least Guinness is good for you…the rest of it…not so sure…the so-called experts seem to change their minds with the weather…or perhaps depending on who sponsored the latest research. 🙂

  2. This is so true! I found an Aspalls in West Auckland and coming from Suffolk/Norfolk this really did make my day and I paid for it’s flight but I really did not mind haha

    Have you heard of Beer Jerk? They’re a NZ based company who provide you with 12 different beers every quarter from around the world that you can’t get hold of here. Check them out you might like it as a beer lover.

    • I have not heard of beer jerk but will look it up. Pak n Save do sell some ales (maybe about half a dozen from Timothy Taylor (which is fab) and Badger but you don’t always want the same every time eh? 😄🍻

  3. I have had British beer once. ;). We North Americaners need our beer cold, hence the reason I’ve only tried it once. Well the fact it was warm, extremely pungent and nothing like I was used to. I’m not a big beer drinker so I will take your word that the Brits are the leaders of beer making. Great post! I’m not even English and I was getting all nostalgic!! Your post reminds me of a commerical once done by a beer company in Canada. The commerical was called I Am Canadian. Take care my friend!

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