4 comments on “App-alling

  1. I agree completely. I found myself in a similar situation recently and did the same thing. Facebook is now discarded from my life, and I’m happier for it. Not to mention, I’m wasting far less time too.

    • It is quite alarming when you realise. I honestly much prefer WordPress because even though you don’t know the people personally, you can have rewarding discussions and read about things that interest you rather than just look at random selfies or pictures of someone’s kids. 😄

      Thanks for your comment and for having a read.

    • Hi there. Not late at all, nice to know you are having a read! 🙂 thanks for your comment. Anyway, no I didn’t reinstall it and I have actually used Facebook very little since September last year…I seem to have so much more time for other things now which is great.

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