4 comments on “Sequoia = Size Matters

  1. If size matters …

    Between 2010 and 2016, the 1321 point General Sherman was unofficially surpassed by coast redwood, by no less than 40 points. The reason it’s not official, is a bunch of us on the west coast decided to quit nominating trees to American Forests due to the fact that the redwood park will not issue a permit for them to do their “official” measurements. And on top of that, AF would be relying on one of us anyway. So for now, we figured it’s time to self-certify. Stats have been kept on the lean side just enough to prevent a stampede shift from the Sierra Nevada, which is well-prepared with paths, rails, signs. etc..

    As of of the past few years, S. sempervirens exceeds S. giganteum for total AF points, making it the actual “Big Tree” in the USA on the AF point rating scale. Coast redwood now has the greatest girth / circumference at both ground level and dbh. And there is now coast redwood with 19 ft. diameter at 50 ft. above ground level. Some updates are added to this page as they come to light.


    • Wow! That is great comment, thank you! I will have a read about that and check out the link. It is interesting how these new facts come to light…it always seemed a slightly bold claim that we knew the biggest tree anyway when there are so many out there we probably haven’t measured.

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