5 comments on “There is Gold in them thar Hills!

  1. What a great name! Arrowtown! Sounds like something from a bad novel. That weta looks rank. Hate creepy crawlies – I probably wouldn’t fare well if I moved to NZ!

    • I don’t think you could go anywhere much easier than NZ for creepy crawlies…there is hardly anything nasty living here (which may explain why so many folk walk around barefoot)…red back spiders are here, katipo spiders are here, white tail spiders are here…but that is about it when it comes to possible nasties. Only the white tail spiders are quite common form what we have seen but the cup and card method works well.


  2. I briefly visited Arrow Town many years ago on a N.Z. holiday and it was the main place that I remembered and I loved it. Back then it was still as it had been, an old town in what I suppose was its pretty original state complete with wooden footpaths. We visited in Spring and the colours of trees were beautiful and I remember a lovely unspoilt lake nearby.

    • I imagine it has perhaps lost just a little character over time as it expands (someone told me while there that they had just recently got their first supermarket). But it still has bags of charm to enjoy. Do you think you will return one day?

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