2 comments on “Jelly Tip Food Frenzy

  1. Hi Graham,

    I’ve just spent an interesting half hour or so catching up on 42 World – a lovely accompaniment to my coffee & toast on a Sunday morning. As ever it was a real education & I continue to be impressed with your pictures ……. is that down to your amazing photography skills or your amazing camera?! 😉

    Hope you’re both doing well and work is improving for you. I’m now in situ in my new structure, (number 4 since you left) but without a direct line mgr, without anyone formally talking to me about what I’ve got on and without anyone outlining what I’m doing next …… no complaints mind I’m just ploughing my own furrow and what will be will be!

    Keep up the good work on 42 World.


    PS latest gigs attended, Paul Weller and Alabama 3 (Google them, you might be pleasantly surprised)

    Sent from my iPad


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