8 comments on “The UK Grocer

  1. Did you know that Kraft have taken over Cadbury? They have altered the recipes for some products, people are currently protesting about the changes to Creme Eggs, the chocolate is thinner and tastes different, also the filling is runnier and does not taste the same. Also, boxes of six eggs have reduced to five smaller eggs and, of course, the price has not been lowered.
    I thought you would have had enough of toffee crisps to last you a lifetime?

    • I knew about Kraft yes…but not about the egg scandal which is eggacerbating, eggtraordinary, and is setting a bad eggample to chocolate producers everywhere. Apparently Cadbury caused upset in NZ when they started using Palm oil…and that may be pre-Kraft. Bad news follows.

  2. Yes, they definitely sold Yorkshire Tea but those boxes were bought from Pack & Save when there was an offer on…… We should have bought more given that we only have about 6 decent (ie Yorkshire) teabags remaining 😔.

  3. The Cadbury chocolate definitely isn’t the same out here, but I am all for replacing my Cadbury pleasures for Whittakers, because, oh my days, it is a delight to eat.

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