4 comments on “When Rubbish is not Rubbish

  1. I saw the robotic trucks here, and was pretty weirded out, haha. More efficient, or lazy? Great point about the environment…but the future earth doesn’t matter so long as the present moment is liveable for us, right? *Sarcasm.*

    • So true. It is easy not to mind or care…but we keep producing things that are worthless just to satisfy consumers…why can’t someone just agree that pointless bits of plastic in Christmas crackers are a waste of resource and stop making them!

  2. I used to tell my students that there’s no such thing as rubbish; only things in the wrong place. That’s a bit of a stretch with things like used syringes… but mostly it holds true. Packaging is one of the worst problems because it can have a useful life measured in minutes, and then float around on the ocean for decades…

    • Thanks for the comment, Richard. The harm these things can cause is so well known. Really interesting way of looking at things though!

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