8 comments on “The Power of Prayer

      • they are very amazing creatures. the mantis does not make a single move unless it is ABSOLUTELY SURE it is what it needs to do… i could watch them for days. i’ve also read that they represent death/rebirth and/or peace/patience…

        • Wow. Having watched it in ignorance I can well believe all of the things you have said there. I think some people could learns thing or two from them perhaps. 😊

    • Perhaps there are other things out there that eat them too…a jogger who realised far too late that his mouth was wide open perhaps? 😃

  1. Peter had a hearty treat that day….. 🙂 I like his name. I’ve had several of them visit me in three different locations where I’ve moved in the last 10 years. I guess they say when a praying mantis visits, its good luck, peace, strength, etc. They’ve shown up at ideal times, but then I never see another one! I’m planning on selling my house within a few years. We’ll have to see if another shows up at my new home!

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos! They’ve been a treat.

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