10 comments on “What Would You Miss the Most?

  1. I missed my favourite local foods when I first moved, but not really much else! And now I’ve had to leave the UK, I really miss chippy teas and nice, cold cider. Mmmm.

      • I love Bulmer’s red fruit cider. You can get some cider brands here, like Magner’s (for a premium), but the stuff Americans call cider is not alcoholic – it’s tasty, but not the same.

        • Interesting. Magners is perhaps a more middle of the road cider which is why it perhaps exports more successfully. Did you ever sample a perry while you were in the UK? They can be up to 12% proof…an acquired taste – a friend of mine once tipped one such thing in a plant pot at a beer festival as it was way too strong for him.

  2. I miss my Merrell sandals! I brought the Birkenstocks but didn’t anticipate quite how much walking there’d be and wish I had the Merrells – ah well. 🙂
    Also, haven’t had a curry since we left the UK so kind of miss that.

  3. Taylors landlord, Seabrooks Cheese & Onion Crisps, The Shay, the Status Quo winter gig & seeing long since forgotten bands/artists at the Holmfirth Picturedrome!

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